How Does mSpy Work?



You’re not sure, but you suspect he or she may be cheating.  The knots in your stomach get worse as she runs in the other room with her phone and you hear her giggling with excitement. You hear the words, “I’ll see you tonight” whispered, and all of a sudden she has to meet her sister – someone she doesn’t even like – out of the blue.

And the curiosity is killing you.

Something just isn’t right, and you know it. Spy apps can help you uncover the truth, but you need one that really works. The mSpy app is the leader in the spy apps industry (Mobile Spy is popular, too. More on that soon).

If you’ve read mSpy reviews and want to know if they’re legit, keep on reading.

How To Install mSpy

mspy login tutorial

Spy apps for Android or iOS (among many other mobile operating systems) need to be installed directly. This means that you’ll need access to the device and a few minutes with it so that you have time to install the mSpy app.

You can install the app remotely – a limited feature addition – if you know the person’s iCloud credentials.

For most users, you’ll need to install the program along with a KeyLogger.

And if you’re having trouble, the company will assist you through this process. iOS users can use iCloud to install the app remotely (great for stealth), or you’ll need to install the app directly, which can only be done on a phone that has been jailbroken.

I recommend installing it when:

  • The person’s asleep
  • The person’s in the shower

And be careful. You’ll want to bring it in the bathroom with you or something – don’t install it out in the open.


What mSpy Offers Users

mspy snapchat

Snapchat Spy Software

A lot of people want to know how mSpy works, and it’s simple: it logs everything a person does and sends it to you. But this only works because the app is hidden in the background. The person using the phone will never know that it’s installed or even running.

It’s a spy app done right.

If the person saw the app, especially the name, they would automatically know that something just isn’t right.

But what does the app offer?

A lot. You need to know that this is a paid app, and it takes a tremendous amount of work to develop an app of this quality. But there’s also an mSpy free trial, so you can learn how the app works – claim your free trial today.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be given your mSpy login and you’ll need to proceed with the installation process.

The installed app offers the following features:

  • Manage Calls: View all outgoing and incoming calls as well as their duration and timestamps.
  • Track Text Messages: You can read all text and multimedia messages sent or received on the phone.
  • Read Emails: Who is she emailing? Find out with all incoming and outgoing mails recorded.
  • GPS Location: Is she really going to her sister’s house? The GPS location tracking will tell you exactly where she is.
  • Monitor Internet Usage: A detailed Internet history is offered, so you know what she’s up to online.
  • Address and Calendar Tracking: Keep track of the person’s calendar as well as all of their contacts.

But this is just part of the remote control that mSpy offers. Want to view multimedia files? You can do this, too, with the surveillance software that allows you to gain access to any videos or photos that have been saved to the phone.

When it comes to text message monitoring, you’ll be able to monitor the following apps and all of the messages that are sent and received in them:

  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Tinder
  • Skype
  • IMessage
  • Viber
  • Line
  • Hangouts
  • Telegram
  • Messenger

If you don’t want her talking to someone, you can block all of the unwanted calls, too.

This allows you to jump in the driver’s seat.

Online Monitoring Software

There are also red flags that will notify you when something is amiss. GPS tracking allows you to view the person’s current location, and it allows so much more. You can use geo-fencing to be able to know when a person leaves a zone or enters a forbidden zone.

This is a great feature if you’re monitoring your kids.

Kid Monitoring with mSpy

Little Billy is supposed to be in school, and you don’t want him going to the skate park. You can set a fence around the school that tells you when he left the zone. You can even setup a fence in the skate park so that you know when he goes there.

Emails can be sent to you to know when these zones are entered or exited.

You can even view a map of all device movements and the person’s GPS location.

Online content can also be filtered. This effectively allows you to view all of a person’s online activity, including:

  • Web history
  • Bookmarks
  • Full website blocking

Keyword alerts can be setup, too, that allow you to manage events based on a particular keyword.

Instagram is a hot app for people of all ages. And the app can be monitored, too. mSpy is able to help you track all of his or her Instagram activity, including:

  • Comments
  • Photos / videos liked
  • Location where photos were taken
  • Photos the user has been tagged in
  • All photos and videos sent

You really get to monitor it all.

mSpy Remote Control

mSpy Free Trial

You need to install the mSpy app yourself, but you will be able to have complete remote control over the phone thereafter. You have the option to:

  • Wipeout: Clear all of the device’s data with the touch of a button. This is the ideal choice if a phone has been stolen.
  • Locking: The tracked device can be locked or unlocked so that a person can gain or lose access to the entire device.

But it gets even better than that – can you believe it? Not only can you access all of the features above through the online portal, but you’ll also be able to generate reports. These reports can be generated for a variety of different file types from XLS to CSV and PDF, and you can choose to generate reports for users, time period and a slew of other information.

The app is so smart that if it’s uninstalled partly or fully, it will alert you when it happened, what happened and how it all happened.

And this is great because if the app becomes corrupted or another app deleted it, you can go back on the device and reinstall it.

Did we mention that you can monitor multiple devices all from one portal?

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mSpy vs Mobile Spy

There are two main spy apps for Android and iOS that actually work well: mSpy and Mobile Spy. Which is better? In terms of value, it is mSpy.

The main factor here is money, you’ll pay $16.67 – $29.99 per month with mSpy. Mobile Spy costs $49.97 – $64.97 for three months. The issue is that you have no other option but to sign up for Mobile Spy for a minimum of 3 months – that’s too much of a commitment.

mSpy has month-to-month options and cheaper options with a commitment on your part.

Mobile Spy and mSpy offer nearly identical features, with instant messaging and call monitoring being the big two. There are subtle differences along the way, but nothing worth mentioning to be honest.

In terms of a dashboard, I feel like Mobile Spy’s dashboard looks better and feels more intuitive. It’s a simple design and a little less clunky than mSpy.

Monitoring messages and multimedia is far more supported when using mSpy. The mSpy app offers compatibility with more apps overall, and Mobile Spy has a ton of requirements and obsolete instant messaging platforms no one really uses anymore – AIM, Yahoo Messenger and AOL?

Everyone is on Facebook – not these apps.

So, you’ll get a lot of bloat in this department with Mobile Spy. Sure, it’s great to be robust, but I am pretty sure some of the apps featured by the company have been shut down completely for many years.

When it comes to spy apps, nothing is as sophisticated, updated and refined as mSpy. Don’t get me wrong, Mobile Spy has its benefits, but it still can’t compete with the industry’s best spy app: mSpy.

If you’re looking for a robust suite of tools with the power to track every app, website, call, location and more remotely, this is the only option for you.

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