How To Find Out If Someone Is Divorced

When you meet someone new, you hope that they’re telling you the truth about their past. But it’s all too easy to be deceitful in today’s world.

Has he or she ever been divorced?

How to Find Out If Someone Is DivorcedSure, you can perform a marriage license search to see if they’ve ever been married, but is the information reliable? Is it complete and updated? You might be disappointed to find that most free services aren’t as up-to-date as you’d like them to be. And because of this, the information isn’t always reliable.

When you need to find out if someone is divorced, ordering public records is the smart choice. Free self-searches can also be performed online, but they’ll take quite a bit of time.

Self-Search for Divorce Records


If you’re dead-set on performing a self-search, you’ll need some information before you get started.

Ideally, you should know the location and the name of the courthouse where the divorce took place. Knowing this information will save you a lot of time. If you don’t know this information, your search will take more time and require a few extra steps.

If you know where the divorce was finalized, you can visit the court and find out the divorce date. You may need to fill out a manual request form, and you’ll need quite a bit of personal information about both parties to complete the form. Be sure to follow the clerk’s instructions. Oftentimes, this information will be provided for free, but some courts do charge a fee.

If you prefer not to visit the courthouse, you can ask family members for the divorce date. Just bear in mind that you’ll be relying on third party information, and you also risk the person finding out about your search.

If you don’t have information about where the divorce took place – or if the person was even divorced in the first place, you can try public searches. Most searches are free, but you’ll be doing a lot of digging around and may need to search through multiple sites.

Self-searches can be helpful and even effective if you have all of the right information. If this person is a friend or a family member, you might have no issues using local resources to find out if he or she has been divorced.

But if you’re looking up information about someone you’ve just started dating or aren’t close to, self-searches may have you running in circles.

The Problem with Self-Searches

marriage records lookup

Why not just use an online marriage license lookup to find the information you need? You can use these services, and you might even find the information you need. But more often than not, you’ll be spending hours searching through online databases.

You can try to call your local courthouse to find out if the person is married, too.

The problem with both of these methods is that they’re time-consuming, and they require you to know detailed information about the person, such as:

  • The person’s first and last name
  • Date of the marriage
  • Date of birth

There’s a good chance that you don’t know the date of the marriage – especially if the person is trying to hide this information from you.

Some courts require even more information. They’ll send you a copy of the record, too – provided you can prove that you’re a sibling or a child.

Courthouses can be helpful and may even provide you with the information you need if you have all of the right personal information about the person, and they’ve been married in your area.

What if the person was married somewhere else?

What’s more is that these searches will only tell you if the person has been married before.

It won’t tell you if they’ve been divorced.

At best, you’ll know if he or she has been married in the past, and how many times. Is this information helpful? Sure. But what if that person is still married?

Out of Date Information

The problem with self-searches doesn’t end there. There’s also the issue that the information you find might be out of date.

Some states and counties are better at keeping their online records up to date than others. While Broward County public records may be up to date, you might find that the online database of Las Vegas marriage records isn’t.

If you need to know if someone was divorced, you can’t take chances on information that might be reliable and up-to-date.

So, how can you find the information you need if a self-search is not the best option?

Background Check Services

Background check services are best way to find out if someone has been divorced. With the capability of searching through public marriage and divorce records all throughout the nation, you’ll quickly and easily be able to find the information you need.

If you need to locate a marriage license in California – or any other state – a background check service can help you obtain the data you need.

These services will check multiple databases, so if he or she was married and divorced halfway across the country, you’ll find out.

Why use a background check service?

  • Accurate and up to date
  • Thorough – search through millions of records throughout the country
  • Complete – see other important information, like criminal records

Background checks are accurate, up to date, thorough and complete.

Self-searches, on the other hand, can be outdated, erroneous and may not give you all the information you need.

Beyond Divorce and Marriage Records

Background checks go beyond just providing you with information on divorce and marriage records. On top of this information, you’ll also be given the following:

  • Current and previous addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Criminal records
  • Whether or not the person is a sex offender

If you’re in a new relationship this information can prove to be invaluable.

Knowing if someone has been married or divorced can be helpful, and maybe that’s all you need to know, but this additional information paints a clearer picture of the person. And you may or may not like what you see.

Why You Should Perform a Background Check?

why run a background check

Why perform a background check anyway? Even if you’re only interested in finding divorce records, a background check can be incredibly beneficial.

Find Out If They’re Lying

She claims she’s never been married, but is she telling you the truth? He says he divorced his wife, but is he secretly still married?

A background check will let you know if the person is being truthful about his or her past. And if they’re hiding a marriage or divorce, you may be headed for trouble if you’re in a new relationship.

Personal Safety and Security

You find out what the person lied about getting divorced. What else could he or she be lying about?

With a background check, you can find out if that person has a criminal history, civil judgements, or is listed as a sex offender.

What if that person has a history of violent crimes or sexual assault? A background check may just wind up saving you from a potentially dangerous situation.

Accurate and Reliable Information

Self-searches aren’t always reliable. Whether you’re checking up on a new partner or doing something as simple as completing your family tree, having accurate, reliable information about a person is key.

Background check services search through millions of public records to help you get the most accurate, reliable information. The best part? This information is updated all the time.

Learn the Truth about a Person’s Character

online check

Sure, he or she may seem innocent, kind and sweet, but what are they truly like?

The information you find on a person’s background report can tell you a lot about the person they truly are.

If they’ve been arrested numerous times or have several civil judgments against them, they may not be a responsible person.

If they have a history of violent crimes or are listed as a sex offender, they may not be emotionally or mentally sound. Your personal safety may even be at risk.

If they have multiple marriages and divorces, they may not be well-suited for long-term relationships or commitments.

A background check can tell you a lot about a person. If you want to know whether or not a person has been divorced, this is your best option. You can spend hours searching through free online records, but why waste your time when these services are affordable and easily accessible?

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