How To Catch A Cheater

Cheaters – those sneaky, unfaithful people that would rather tip-toe around behind their partner’s back than confront them with the truth.  We are told that even good people cheat sometimes, but it’s not something that can be easily forgiven…

And if you want to catch a cheater, you can’t let them know that you’re snooping.

In fact, I have seen people trying to catch a cheating spouse and completely destroy their marriage. How? Their partner wasn’t cheating. He or she may have truly been staying at work late, and the bombshell that she saw him with was actually a realtor for the dream house he was buying his wife.

Catching a cheater is very complex, and you can either find out that your spouse is cheating, or you’ll find out that you have trust issues.

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

She’s cheating on you – you’re sure of it. But you may also sit down and realize that you might be a little paranoid. Many men find themselves in this situation, but the best thing to do is to look for the most common signs that a wife may be cheating.

The most common signs of an affair include:

  1. She’s No Longer Needy: If your wife is typically needy and then suddenly she isn’t, this may be an issue. This may be a sign that she is simply not needy of you any longer.
  2. She’s Secretive: The two of you were inseparable and she would share her every daily plan with you – whether you liked it or not. But now she is secretive. When she goes out, she never tells you what she is doing or what her plans are.
  3. She’s Changed the Focus to You: Was she a little chatterbox in the past? Did she used to talk your ear off and talk about herself all of the time? If she has now changed all topics to be about you, something is amiss.
  4. She Spends More Time With Friends Than You: When a new or old friend enters the picture, especially if it is someone you never met before, you may see her less and less until it seems like she is spending all of her time away from you. This may just be a disconnect in your marriage, or the girlfriend that you think she is spending all of her time with may actually be a male
  5. Her Sex Drive is Different: She has been acting strange and now she is teaching you new moves in the bedroom. Maybe these moves have been hidden away, or maybe she just learned them from someone else. She may also be turning sex away like the plague – it changes with every woman.

As you can imagine, many of these “signs” can also be mood swings, depression or simply innocent acts that are not a sign that something has gone terribly wrong with your marriage.

Most Common Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

catch a cheater

Don’t worry ladies – we’re going to tell you signs of an affair that men typically exhibit, too. Keep in mind that many of the signs that women and men show during an affair are interchangeable.

  1. He is Suddenly Taking “Private Calls”: You hear whispers in the bathroom and you’ve realized that he has taken a lot of private calls lately. He may be Walter White and hiding a big secret, or he may be taking a “private” call with a love interest.
  2. He is Guarding His Phone: Cell phones have a lot of private information on them. And a lot of people want to maintain their privacy. However, if he is getting visibly angry every time you touch his phone, this may be a sign that he has something to hide (we’ll discuss this more shortly).
  3. He is Spending More and More Time with the Guys: You’ve noticed that he is spending more and more time with the guys – and it’s not football season. Suddenly, he is coming home at all hours of the night, and he may even be a little drunk. He might just be feeling his oats and reliving the past, or he may be spending long nights out with her.
  4. He Suddenly Dresses Like a Casanova: He has always been a comfortable-clothes-wearing guy. You know the type: t-shirt, blue jeans and a hat. But now, he is dressing up every time he leaves the house without you by his side. Who is he trying to impress? What changed?

You know him or her better than anyone else. You are officially married after all. There will be signs of an affair that only you will be able to notice. These can be subtle differences that only a spouse will notice.

Go with your gut, but don’t start throwing accusations around if you do not have any proof. Otherwise, you may destroy an otherwise perfect marriage. There is still a chance he is being faithful.

Catching a Cheater – The Right Way

How to Catch a Cheater

You’re pretty positive he or she is cheating, but you don’t have the proof just yet. Even if your partner isn’t cheating, you’re noticing these odd phone calls and can’t figure out who it is that your partner is talking to every day.

Is his friend really having problems? Are they really talking daily so that he can help his friend overcome issues?

A reverse phone search will be able to give you the answers you need.

How Can A Reverse Phone Search Help You Catch A Cheater?

It’s the perfect time – your partner is in the shower, and you have access to their phone for just a few minutes before they come out. Quick. Jot down the number of the “unknown caller” that just called them, or look through their phone’s history to write down the numbers that he or she is calling time and time again.

Using a reverse phone search: I recommend using ReverseVerify  (it’s been featured on Yahoo!, CBS, ABC, Fox and so many other media outlets).

All you need is the number that you want to do research on.

Using ReverseVerify, you’ll only need to input the number, and then the magic occurs. You’ll be presented with:

  • Addresses
  • Identity information
  • Pictures (where applicable)

Now, you’ll be able to see if he is really talking to Jeff, or if she is really helping Cindy get over her divorce with all of these late night calls.

And the best part is that you’ll be able to catch a cheating spouse, and if the number isn’t from some supermodel that he or she is dating, you can keep this moment of weakness to yourself. Your partner will never know that you did a reverse phone search. The information remains private, and when you’re billed, you won’t see a detailed description on your statement. It will look like a small charge that you can blame on a trip to the convenience store.

You will even be able to see some information for free, but I always recommend a full report when trying to catch a cheater.

In just minutes, you’ll know whether you have caught a cheater, or if you have some major sucking up to do.

Fast. Secure. Discreet. This is the best combination when trying to catch a cheater, and if you find evidence of him or her cheating, you’ll have proof to back up your claim if you choose to file for divorce – it’s perfect.