Clark County Marriage Records Online

The traditional way of finding Clark Country Marriage Records requires a in-person visit the county clerk’s office. The Clark County recorder office will have records of all marriages in the county in the filing system. This is a good way to get marriage records of your deceased parents, your own records or even the records of a potential spouse or partner’s past marriages.

And many people use these  records to learn more about the person they have as a love interest.

But obtaining Nevada marriage records is a tedious undertaking.  Most people get discouraged at the thought of driving down to the county clerks office, requesting specific records and the waiting game that follows.   Luckily, there is a much easier way to run a people search in 2016.  But first, let us discuss the old fashion way…

Clark County Marriage Records

How To Search For A Clark County Marriage License

If you want to search for a marriage license, you need to be prepared to make a trek out to the Clark County Clerk of Courts. This will be where you can ask all of your questions to a clerk, and find the  records you’re looking for.

It’s important to note that all sensitive information will be redacted, such as the person’s Social Security number.

You’re able to get a certified copy of marriage records online through the county’s website, but you will need to pay a fee. And there is a long estimated delivery time of 6 weeks if you want to choose the online route.

If you prefer not to go this route, you have several other options to choose from:

Mail for Marriage Records

You can mail the county for a marriage record search. All mail should be sent to

Marriage Services

P.O. Box 551604

Las Vegas, NV 89155-1604

You will need to also send in a fee of $.50 per plain copy or $6.50 for a certified copy. You’ll need a lot of information at your disposal to get the appropriate records:

  • Bride and groom’s names
  • Year the license was obtained

You will also need to pay for each year that is searched. If you’re not certain of any of this information, the process can end up being very costly.

In the event that you want the Social Security number present on the marriage record, you will need to fill out a form to demonstrate that you were the bride or groom. No one is allowed to receive records that have not had the Social Security numbers redacted in an effort to combat identity theft.

It is imperative that you have an approximate date of marriage for the search to be conducted properly. Otherwise, you may find hundreds of matching results for a marriage under any given name. And remember, all Las Vegas marriage records will be included, so there are a lot of records available.

Visit the Clark County Clerk in Person

Who Could Resist This Type Of Fun At The County Clerks Office

Who Could Resist This Type Of Fun At The County Clerks Office

The Commission Division is the division of the County Clerk’s office that deals with all marriage licenses and searches. While this may certainly change in the future, you can go to the division yourself and discuss your marriage search with an official.

The office is located at:

Commission Division

500 S. Grand Central Pkwy

1st & 6th Floors

Las Vegas, NV 89155

If you visit the office in person, you will still need all of the information listed above. It’s also important to note that you may have to show proof of ID. The office is open Monday through Friday.

There is an issue when trying to obtain Clark County marriage records – thoroughness.

You’ll find that the marriage record lacks a lot of information. And unless you are the one that is listed on the marriage record, there is no guarantee that the record is that of the person you are searching. The name may be accurate, but it doesn’t tell you enough (remember the Social Security number is removed) to really pinpoint a person.



The Faster Alternative For Getting Clark County Marriage Records

Going in-person to a county clerk can be a exercise in futility. Not only will you be questioned about the records, but you’ll spend a lot of time sitting in the office waiting. Just think of the DMV and how horrible it is any time you have to step foot into the office.

The country clerk’s office is the same exact way – if not, worse. is an easier way to search for marriage records online, and you’ll have a lot more information provided.

When using BeenVerified, you’ll be conducting a full background check along with any marriage records. And while the amount of information provided will change from one record to the next, you really get your money’s worth. You’ll receive information on:

  • Arrest records
  • Contact information
  • Felonies
  • Traffic offenses
  • Addresses
  • Related persons
  • Marriage licenses
  • Online social media accounts

You’ll have a full criminal record file along with all sex offenses that have been made by the person, if any. And this is something that the Clark County marriage records office will not be able to provide to you.

The best part is that you’ll be able to conduct this search right online (begin your search now).

You’ll be able to access these records day and night while not worrying about getting caught in the process.

Records can be found on the creepy neighbor next door that is too close to the kids, potential loved ones, or even spouses. And if you’re applying for a job, you can use all of these records to ensure that you have a clean criminal record.

You won’t need to make an unexpected trip across the country or raise suspicion on why you stayed at a hotel in Las Vegas. Sometimes, it’s better to be discreet, and that is exactly what BeenVerified has to offer.